About us

The “Gurman” catering business has been operating since 1979 under the name “Gostionica dobrom prijatelju” (Good friend’s Inn) when the owner was Mr. Stjepan Valjak. After retirement, the local name changes to Gurman’s catering company, owned by Jadranka Vuger (daughter) since 2001. After a long period of business, Gurman’s catering company has expanded to offer the rooms equipped with its own bathroom, flat screen TV, air conditioning, WI-FI and free breakfast.

There is also a restaurant where various dishes are prepared (daily meal, dishes, ala carte dishes, dishes under the bell, grill on charcoal, fish. The food is homemade – the way our grandmothers cooked, continental cuisine

Distance from Franjo Tuđman Airport is 9 km.

Most popular sights nearby

  • Zagreb Zoo – 8 km
  • Maksimir Park – 8 km
  • Mirogoj Cemetery – 11 km
  • Markovo Polje Cemetery – 3 km
  • Zagreb Cathedral – 12 km
  • Ban Josip Jelačić Square – 12 km
  • King Tomislav Square – 12 km
  • Croatian National Theater – 14 km
  • Nature Park Medvednica
  • Close to all Zagreb City Museums – 12km
  • ŠRC Bajer – 500m
  • etc.